For a general introduction about the Gameboy Camera, see this post, and this one for my gallery.

The original Gameboy Camera has a plastic length with fixed focal length of roughly 41mm (in full frame equivalence). For some kind of photography, it would be great to have a greater zoom. Also, a manual focus feature would be great to achieve some kind of background separation.

The online community is very active, and have worked on several lens type adaptation mods. The CS lens type is the most popular, as lenses are rather lightweight and small, approximately the same size as the Gameboy Camera eye.

I made this CS mount adapter by modder Herr_Zatacke. This mod replaces half of the “eyeball” of the original camera and is reversible.

First step is to 3D print the piece. I printed it in Carrefour Numérique’s fablab, which members and employees were very helpful. The piece was printed using PLA on a Ultimaker2+ printer, using 0.15 layer height, and mostly default settings. The printing took approximately one hour.

Printed piece
Glued screw inserts and metal thread
Sensor inserted and assembly screwed to original white piece

After putting back together the modded part with the original cartridge, and attaching a lens :

I bought two lenses :

Lenses comparison (stock: green, 2.8-12mm: blue small lens, 6-60mm: blue big lens)


For more pictures, see my gallery.